Please, call, or txt to make your arrangements at:

1 - 847 - 875 - 9797

For same day pick up, last minute arrangements, flight changes or cancellations and pick up from the airport, please call the same number:

1 - 847 - 875 - 9797

To make a pick up arrangement you can also send us an e-mail.

rides in

2012 Lexus LS 460

Private car service in smooth Lexus LS 460, and spacious Acura MDX, equipped with hot spot, real-time traffic, flight status, weather info, GPS and navigation systems.

Remarkable combination of safety, efficiency, reliability, dependability, convenience, comfort and room, complimentary drinks & magazines

Competitive flat rates to/from the airports, suburbs, and the city.

All major credit cards accepted with paperless receipts, and/or corporate accounts billing

Quickest "meet-at-the curb" service available at the airport (0-3 min. waiting time).

Instant ordering by txt messaging, email, or phone, with immediate confirmation.

10-round trips loyalty program, one ride free.

25% off of your next trip, if you refer our service.

Legendary Limousine in front of the Kenosha Terminal


As a safe, very efficient, pleasant, friendly, affordable and very business oriented company, with 19 years of experience, we always respect needs for a quiet ride, and we are happy to provide an excellent service, which includes exclusive, in car, full internet access, smart cell phone, complimentary coffee/beverages, daily newspapers & magazines.

Our cars are chauffeured by licensed, safe, professional, experienced, quiet, highly dependable, courteous and smooth drivers with an extensive knowledge of Chicagoland.

Leszek Humienik
Owner/Managing Director

Legendary Limousine in front of the Kenosha Terminal

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